It was a dark February night when we travelled to Cobourg to meet Laska for the first time. She lived in a barn house along with a couple of brothers and sisters who excitedly ran to see us when we arrived. For years I wanted a dog of my own but didn't think it was a possibility because of my mom's "allergies". I say allegergies in quotation marks because my mom seems completely unphased today. Nonetheless, there was Laska hiding inside the barn by herself way too shy to come meet us. If we hadn't seen photos of all the pups up for adoption, we would have never even known Laska was there. 

The drive home was brutal - as she shivered in fear throughout the whole ride and vomitted on me twice. By bedtime, all you could hear were whimpers as she tried to adjust to her new surrounding. Fast forward to today, Laska is still that shy sweetheart who needs a few minutes to adjust to her surroundings but once she's comfortable, she becomes the most affectionate goofball you will ever meet. She says hi to every single person she meets and will follow you around until you say "hi" back. She's memorized all commercials with animals in them - dogs, cats, lions, real or animated - she can somehow tell when something is technically considered an "animal". She also howls along when she hears ambulance sirens closeby, and at exactly 9pm every night, she creatively lets us know that it's her bedtime. 

Laska is also the first one to break up fights even when they're "fake fights". My mom and I pretend to hit each other's legs sometimes and this gets Laska really upset. When people are sad, she will sit patiently beside you because she can just tell when you need company. And even though, you've only been gone for 30 minutes, you can always count on seeing a happy Laska just excited to have you back. 

Today, Laska turns 6 and I am so happy that she's in our lives. Our days are a lot brighter because we have her. And with Laska in our lives, we now know a thing or two on how to love unconditionally without expecting anything back. 

Happy birthday silly goose!