Red Bulb Espresso Bar

The first time I walked into Red Bulb Espresso Bar, I felt at home. Offering a variety of marble and wooden tables, as well as an array of wall art, this Stouffville treasure conveys a sense of coziness that immediately stole my heart. I remember sitting by the window, raindrops slowly sliding down the panes, I felt so at ease that I never wanted to leave. After speaking with owners Cheeyuen & Sching, I found even more reasons to adore this homely spot. 

Powered by coffee and passion. This is the tagline of Red Bulb Espresso Bar.  After years of working in the corporate world, Cheeyuen have always dreamed of owning a coffee shop. Despite working full-time as an IT and Strategy Management Consultant, he was moonlighting at Starbucks where he learned the craft. It was a passion brewing for years which eventually became a reality on July of 2010. To Cheeyuen & Sching, red is the colour of passion, while bulb is that idea that has been brewing for a long time. 

With Sching's experience curating for an art gallery in downtown Toronto, it is no surprise that Red Bulb Espresso Bar found a cool way of showcasing various gift paraphernalia from local artists; and selfishly, this marriage of having various products alongside coffee is something I hope more and more coffee shops start to emulate. Currently, they offer a mix of local products - from jewellery to greeting cards and now indie books. Just a week ago, they started to carry Mind Snugglers by Caroline Lee & Christy Robertson, a story that helps kids have a good mindset before going to bed. 

When asked about some of their favourite drinks to try this fall. Sching happily responded: Dirty London, Autumn Spice, and Creme Brûlée Latte. Dirty London is a combination of espresso and earl grey tea, their own version of a London Fog meets Asian-inspired "yuanyang". Autumn Spice is made with their signature espresso, chai, gingerbread, vanilla and cinnamon, which is available all year round by request. They also offer Cafe bonbon which is an espresso-based drink mixed with condensed milk; influenced after a Spanish drink of the same name. Of course, matcha lattes and chai lattes are also very popular. 

Meanwhile, if you're looking to grab a bite, they also make sandwiches, wraps, and bake their own crustless sundried tomato, spinach, or spinach bacon quiches. For sweet lovers, they offer 3-raisin scones and oatie cookies made with Callebaut dark chocolate chips and cranberries.   

Something magical always happen when you talk to passionate people because passion is what drives people like Cheeyuen to wake up at 4 in the morning on a cold winter's day still feeling excited to go to work. I started sincerely studio because I wanted to create an avenue to share meaningful stories. As I got to know the people behind Red Bulb Espresso Bar, I've never felt more inspired and reinvigorated.  Thank you Sching & Cheeyuen for sharing your story with me; and to my readers, make sure you check out this Stouffville gem.