Rooster Coffee House

My need to feel constantly cozy is possibly one of my most persistent concerns. Perhaps this is why I wear sweaters in the summer, and strive towards Canada’s largest personal inventory of fuzzy socks. As silly as it may seem, this cozy feeling is one that I often seek in the places I choose to dwell, as I firmly believe these settings are best for writing and working.

This being said, I was thoroughly pleased with my experience at Rooster Coffee House. It was a Sunday afternoon when I visited this downtown hotspot for the very first time. Iris ordered me a London fog - my favourite drink - and we found a snug table, in the back corner of the shop. All the while, I could not stop admiring the picturesque setting. From the lights, to the cups, and even - embarrassingly - the wallpaper in the washroom, I found myself in constant delight of every small, charming detail. It was the perfect scene to unwind that peaceful Sunday.

Photo 2016-11-06, 2 31 14 PM.jpg
Photo 2016-11-06, 3 27 01 PM.jpg

The word I would use to best portray the setting of Rooster Coffee House would be unique. It was truly a place that offered me the cozy feeling that I so enjoy, and ultimately became a place that I could imagine myself simply relaxing and writing for hours. It quickly became apparent to me why so many people flock to Rooster Coffee House, as I will now be recommending it to others myself.