Calii Love

Written by Cassandra Milena


Walking through the front doors of Calii Love, I immediately felt content. This petit King Street dwelling offers its visitors a warm “Aloha” as they enter, before transporting them to shores of “good vibes only”.

To be quite honest, I didn’t know what to expect from this Hawaiian/ LA themed café, as I had never previously enjoyed authentic Hawaiian cuisine before. All of the items on the menu represented positive emotions, such as proud, lucky, humble, and so forth. Though it listed an abundance of lovely sounding meals, my indecisiveness ultimately got the better of me (as it usually does). I approached a server and inquired about her favourite dish on the menu, before promptly ordering her recommendation- a smoothie and poke. I must admit, a wide smile spread across my face as the server announced, “Cassandra is feeling happy and hopeful!” It was then that I proceeded towards an empty nook beside a window, and people-watched as I enjoyed my lovely recommendation.   

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 10.34.30 PM.png
Photo 2016-10-15, 12 10 31 PM.jpg

It is difficult to not feel relaxed in a place like Calii Love. In addition to their unique cuisine and positive atmosphere, the friendly staff consistently ensured that all visitors felt “good vibes” as well. Whether you’re visiting with friends, or riding solo as I did, Calii Love will make you feel welcome and content.  Located in the heart of downtown, its doors offer a seaside escape, away from the fast-paced lifestyle we have come so accustomed to. I fell in love with Calii Love, and will be back again soon to continue my culinary adventure with them.