Collete Grand Cafe

Walking into Colette Grand Cafe, I was immediately enamoured with the natural light coming through the space. Matched with regal furnishings, beautifully patterned floors, marble tabletops, and beautifully plated dishes, I can undoubtedly say that this French-inspired restaurant stole a piece of my heart.

With all of its fame on Instagram, it's pertinent to make reservations weeks in advance to dine at Colette Grand Cafe. I learned the hard way early in fall of this year. We had spent the entire morning walking and I had dreams of freshly baked pancakes. By the time we got to Colette, I was starving and excited to fulfill my pancake-fueled dreams. We walked into the restaurant thinking it would just be a couple of minutes wait, only to be told that reservations were needed. Lesson learned: make reservations if you really want pancakes.

I visited again recently and finally had the pancakes of my dreams. It was worth the wait.

At first bite, the pancakes melted in my mouth. It was as fluffy as I imagine clouds would feel like if you could eat clouds. The fruits were moderately sweet which was perfect and the whip cream tasted fresh. My friend Michelle had Eggs Benedict which looked divine. 

All in all, I highly recommend Colette Grand Cafe and will certainly be coming back to try out their dinner menu. Or if all else fails, I know I can always count on their heavenly pancakes.