We all want to be bloggers

Let’s face it: we all want to be bloggers. It’s the “easiest” way to gain success and popularity in a short period of time. We’ve all heard of the success stories – models getting contracts through Instagram, bloggers making a living off of their lifestyle blogs, cover singers getting discovered on YouTube, and many other so-called online celebrities simply paving their own paths of success. Truly, life as a blogger sounds like a dream; and it sounds simple enough that anyone may think they could do it…

From 9-5, I work as a digital marketing specialist for a shopping centre in Toronto. It’s part of my job to work with bloggers almost every day to ensure that we’re creating enticing and unique content for our target audience. I know exactly how much each blogger/ influencer partnership costs, the process involved to deliver content, and the type of materials that would get shared… I feel like I’ve developed an eye for what would be deemed as shareable.

When I was 16, I was obsessed with the Twilight series (yea, I know. I’m judging myself too lol). I was so obsessed with the series to the point that I decided it would be a good idea to create my own trailers for the movie. I compiled various movies that Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson starred in and laboured for hours to put together two fan-made videos. I was mostly doing it for myself to express my love for the books. But I guess that passion translated really well in the videos because they ended up generating over 70k views lmao

So with all of my experience in the field, some days I am convinced I could do it and have what it takes to be an online star! lolz I mean, honestly, if this was a math problem, I technically know all of the formulas. I know exactly what how to get to x. But how do you apply it in real life? Well, that’s the real question. To help (cause I’m so smart), I put together some of the “must-haves” to kill it in the cyber world… use these tips wisely and holla at me when you’re famous.


Treat your blog like a relationship and define your purpose right from the get go. Are you in it for the long haul or do you just want to keep things casual? If you can see a future together, what do you want to get out of it? In my case, I initially started sincerely studio with the thought of developing it into a digital agency where we focus on making shareable content for brands. But then I quickly realized that if I want a life outside my full-time job and this side project, I need to sacrifice some things. So for 2016, I decided to have an open-relationship with sincerely studio, and keep things casual 😉 For now, it’s simply an outlet for creativity. But perhaps in the next months or so, I can commit to more dedicated and focused projects. So stay tuned!


Just like anything else in life, if you want to succeed, you need to put in the hours to do it. It’s not enough to do something once a week. Our attention spans have drastically reduced so in order to be remembered, you need to be top of mind every day.


We live in a very visual society. Many of us take things for their face value since most of us don’t have the patience to try and figure something out – unless it looks interesting enough. Great aesthetics are key. When you look at some of the most successful bloggers, you’d notice that most of them have dedicated photographers; and their content are carefully curated so everything works well together in the feed. At the end of the day, it’s whoever can curate the most enviable lifestyle.


Once you’ve developed the type of content you’d like to go on your accounts, create a social media calendar so you can map out exactly where and when the posts go out. Social media is about story telling. Think about how you can tell your story in the best way possible.


At the end of the day, this is the main ingredient that really separates you from everyone else. You need to be likeable and portray an authentic vibe for people to want to follow you. Think about all of the first dates you’ve ever had, what did you have to do to impress your date? Treat every social media encounter like your first date. And only allow yourself to be vulnerable very sparingly. You have to tease them to come back for more.


And sometimes, this is all you need. Sometimes it’s as simple as being in the right place at the right and connecting with the appropriate people that can you help you with your next steps.

Once again, it sounds simple enough that it’s easy to think that anyone can do it. But in reality, only a handful will really make it. At the end of the day, you need all of these factors + a lot of passion to really make it work and make it a sustainable source of income.

To thank you for taking the time to read this uber long post, I’ve decided to reward you with the aforementioned Twilight video lmao you’re welcome.

Uncover the obsession here: Video