Tori's Bakeshop

I've been staycationing these past couple of days which meant I went to Ikea, spent hours at Starbucks, did yoga, and played with Laska. All was well until I got antsy, because I was craving for something "different"; something "new", which happens quite often. A few google searches later, I came across Tori's Bakeshop which is known for their eco-friendly, all natural, dairy-free, egg-free, casein-free, and refined sugar-free treats! It sounded like a great guilt-free option which piqued my interest.  Then I looked it up on Instagram and fell in love with its aesthetics, so I made a trip out of it. 

DSC01764 1500px.jpg
DSC01768 1500px.jpg

I brought Christian along for the adventure, and we tried their Vanilla donut and cupcake (picture above). It was my first time eating vegan baked goods and I must say I'm impressed. Both delicacies were baked to perfection - they were moist and melted in my mouth. I will most definitely be coming back to try out other items on their menu!