3-Day Cleanse with Village Juicery

These past couple of months, my eating habits haven't been the greatest. I've been getting home late from work and have been eating whatever was on the fridge. I was in dire need of a change so I decided to give "juicing" another shot. I came across Village Juicery and was intrigued by the fact that they set you up with a nutritionist before embarking on the cleanse. I also liked that they include clean food options, which helps you transition into the juice-only diet much better. 

I made an appointment last Sunday, and was welcomed by a nutritionist at their Young location. Tiffany asked me about my eating habits, preferences, and my intentions for doing the cleanse. I explained that I wanted to gain more energy, a clearer mind, and start eating better again. At the end of our session together, I was able to try different juices that I would be taking during the cleanse, and even got to select favourites. 

That night, I came home to an e-mail by Tiffany, outlining all the different drinks, foods, and times to eat and drink them.  


My first day on the cleanse started great. I was excited and full of hope, then it very quickly became difficult. At around 4 in the afternoon, I started getting a migraine, which is pretty common when detoxing as it's our body's way of getting rid of any harmful elements in our system. It also didn't help that the entire day I was craving specifically for braised beef. lol All in all, it was a fairly rough day, but I managed. 


This was a tough day knowing full well that all day I would be consuming nothing but liquids, but surprisingly not as tough as the first day. I woke up feeling good, slightly weak, but good overall. Good in the sense that I wasn't as hungry as I anticipated I would be and there were no headaches. I did have really bad cravings for braised beef - I totally forgot to drink some peppermint tea which would have reduce the cravings.


Plant Protein Salad w. Maple Tahini Dressing

Plant Protein Salad w. Maple Tahini Dressing

On the third day, I was able to eat again, including the lovely plant protein salad picture above. It was a great day... The past two days were full of temptation. I had to say no to Chinese food, croissants, bubble tea, pizza, and everything else that I love. But on the third day, I felt like a new person. The experience really taught me a lot about myself - just how much I really love food but also how little I actually need to sustain myself. I honestly love how light the cleanse made me feel. 

Flash forward to today, I am still trying my best to remain eating clean and avoiding any processed food, sugar and too much salt in my diet. I'm also hoping that this would help me transition into a seafood & plant-based only diet. Overall, my body feels lighter, my head clearer, and I'm able to sleep easier.  What you do after your cleanse is just as important as the cleanse itself. So wish me luck, as I attempt to venture once again into a healthier lifestyle.