Miku's Chef Tasting Menu

Over the weekend, I went to Miku with the boyfriend to try out their Chef Tasting Menu for my birthday. It was on Toronto Life's "Best New Toronto Restaurant 2016" list so I figured it would be good to try, and it sure didn't disappoint. 

Miku's architectural design took a very minimal and modern approach. Featuring hints of greys and whites, with lots of natural sunlight coming through, the space was a food photographer's dream. 

They have 3 Kaiseki options: Shokai (four courses, zensai, entrée, signature sushi, and dessert), Miku (five courses, chef’s tasting menu), and Aburi (a unique kaiseki experience produced by our chefs, exploring fusion flavours and Aburi cuisine beyond Miku’s signature item, which requires 72 advance notice).

We opted for Miku, priced at $95, which offered a nice variety of dishes, from soups to prime rib to a refreshing 7-layered cake and green tea ice cream. See photos below for all five courses. 


By the time we were done, we were all smiles because everything was so delicious. It was a great first Kaiseki experience. I still can't decide what my favourite dish was because they were all so different. All the fish tasted fresh, the prime rib just melted in my mouth, and the dessert was such a nice and refreshing way to end the night.

My only regret is not taking notes of what our dishes were called, as the servers did explain them all to us, and I would love to have some of them over and over again. But thankfully, this gives me an excuse to just repeat the whole experience.