The Elusive Wall of Yorkville

This past weekend, my friends and I were on a search for a particular wall on Yorkville that has been frequently appearing on my Instagram feed. It was initially a struggle to find said wall since no one wanted to disclose its exact location. To be honest, it was slightly annoying that people wanted to keep it a secret. Then eventually, the thought of doing some investigative work in search of this elusive wall became appealing. My excitement didn't last long however because my friend, Garine helped point out the obvious and expertly typed "#camerawall" on Instagram. A few pictures later, we were able to discern its actual location.

Tucked in a quiet corner between Scollard and Hazelton Ave. was Gallery One - a cool space that features emerging and international artists, alongside a wide range of media including paintings, photography and sculpture. I saw the wall in person and felt a strange sense of pride that we had actually found it. 


It was a successful day of exploration and the experience made me realize how much joy it brings me to be exploring Toronto in this way. 

What are your favourite places in the city that you've recently discovered? Let me know in the comment section below!