How to spice up your winter look

A new year has begun which means that it's once again time to make new resolutions. Consequently, this means that it's time to make new resolutions I will most likely not keep. But not this year. 

Every year in the past, I've had the habit of making tons of ambitious resolutions i.e. do a 365 photo challenge + a 52-week video challenge + write a book + yoga at least 5 times a day + make meals for work every week + many others. I set myself up for failure by trying to do too many things all at once instead of focusing on one thing and doing that one thing really well. Admittedly, I also get very lazy. I always feel so inspired at the beginning of a project but have a hard time maintaining inspiration especially when I don't feel like I'm progressing as quickly as I should be. This year, I'm not setting any resolutions not because there isn't anything I want to achieve but because I think that the best way to make something happen is to just do it. Forget the list.

I've always had a fascination for How-To articles and videos, and I've been wanting to put together one myself. Given my tendencies of holding information like a goldfish, I find that bite-sized information is my jam. So to get inspired for 2017, and as a way of trying the whole "I'm just going to do it" approach, I teamed up with my friend, Hayley and put together a quick how-to on spicing up your winter look. 


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed our first How-To guide!