The French

If you were to ask me: "what food item can't you live without?" My answer is, and always will be eggs. This explains why I have a thing for finding the best breakfast spots in any city. Also, I have said this before: I will travel for food. 

I recently visited my old neighborhood of Hamilton and spent some time at the charming local restaurant known as The French. Featuring a mix of rustic and minimalist elements, the restaurant easily passed my 'litmus test' for Instagram photography. Located on King William St., just off of James St. North - Hamilton's thriving downtown core - the addition of The French speaks volume to the city's growing food and art culture. 

The French Hamilton Sincerely Studio.JPG

The menu offered a modest selection of breakfast items. Prior to going, I had my heart set on trying their blueberry crepes, but when I got there, I felt inclined to go for a more savoury Eggs Benedict -  with smoked salmon instead of ham and minus the prosciutto. I apparently forgot to take a photo of my food so here's my friend, Amanda's eggs benny instead.

The French Hamilton Sincerely Studio.JPG
The French Hamilton Sincerely Studio.JPG

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The French. It was cozy and inviting, and the food was admittedly up to par with Toronto's standards. So if you're anything like me, and you wholeheartedly believe that "To travel is to eat", make sure to pay this Hamiltonian treasure a visit.