Innocence: A Photo Journal

Now more than ever, we need to hold on to the joy of innocence. The bewildered look we used to have as we took in the world around us - smiling at all of its beauty and complexities. Innocence is the joy of finding a frayed leaf on the ground and looking at it like it's this world's long-lost treasure. It's the joy of jumping up and down, up and down, like the whole world's survival relies on you jumping up and down, up and down. We need to find it in us to keep a goofy grin on our face and welcome the world with arms wide open.


My heart is broken. We have progressed in the fields of technology and science - yet, as a society today, we find ourselves with divisive policies and inhumane regard for people of different religions, sexual orientations, and colours of skin. As an immigrant, I'm grateful to be living in Canada where diversity is celebrated, instead of shunned. My heart is with all of the refugees trying to flee for safety, in search of a better home, and future for their children who've lost their innocence.

Everyone deserves a chance to see the world with wonderment and face the world head-on with no fears. 

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Iris SinilongComment