The Best Places to Watch Netflix - UofT Edition

As a downtown-commuter, the majority of my days are often spent waiting, or in transit. On Mondays, for instance, my schedule permits a five and a half hour break in between classes, thus I have begun seeking out comfortable campus spots to pass the time. While a portion of this time is often dedicated to doing readings and other schoolwork, admittedly, a large amount of time is spent watching Netflix. I have an addiction, and this large sum of unoccupied hours often feeds into that habit. Needless to say, I needed a good place to relax during the day, and this article is the result of that investigation.

1.       Woodsworth College and Brennan Hall

Throughout my search, I grew fond of many buildings that I had never previously given much attention to. To name a few, I’ve found myself spending multiple hours at Woodsworth College and Brennan Hall. With comfortable seating and an ample amount of outlets, these settings are ideal spots to wind down during a brief break.

2.       Robarts Library, Kelly Library, and Hart House

The only thing better than Netflix, is Netflix and food. Name a better duo- I’ll wait. These settings, while slightly less comfortable, offer a range of food and snacks, in addition to a variety of both warm and cold beverages. Though often busy and bustling, these features make it easy for one to pass a few extra hours.

3.       Junior Common Room (JCR)

Though any one of these settings is suitable for all of your Netflix needs, my favourite by far is the Junior Common Room (JCR), located in University College. At the center of the University of Toronto campus, the JCR offers students a dynamic social hotspot. Featuring couches, outlets, and its very own coffee shop, I fell in love with this place from the very first time I visited. Not only is the setting comfortable enough to pass many hours in, but Diabolos- its signature coffee- is a great bonus to the already wonderful setting. Should you ever visit, I often find that a warm Nutella Heaven pairs wonderfully with a good Netflix series. Not only can kicking back, and putting your feet up in the JCR be relaxing alone, but it’s also a great place to meet up with friends in between classes (I can only imagine. I don’t have any friends).  In fact, as I write this now, I am in the JCR, laying back, Netflix ready, and generally enjoying the day.