La Société

To be completely honest, Instagram had completely changed the way I pick new restaurants to try. It's no longer just about having a great menu - it's also as important (if not more) to have a "shareable" atmosphere. Natural light, cool fixtures, and food plating are all important elements in instilling Instagram FOMO (aka fear of missing out)... because if it wasn't shared on social media, it never happened. 

Over the weekend, I went to visit La Société to indulge in their infamous brunch menu. Last time I was there, I had a bite of their waffles and immediately fell in love. Since then, I've been craving for their freshly made waffles. Unfortunately, we came thirty minutes late and missed out on a much needed waffle-fix. So instead, we opted for mussels and a Cobb salad. Our food arrived at a decent time. We were both starving so we quickly took photos and devoured our food in minutes. It didn't satisfy the craving, but it did sustain us before heading out to TIFF to see the movie, Edge of Seventeen. 

French music serenaded us in the background which served as a great atmosphere for Amanda and I to tell stories and share our dreams for travel. I felt inspired and transported into a different world as we talked about plans to see Morocco and all the beautiful spots we could see. Although our meal wasn't something to rave about, the restaurant itself was a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of typical Toronto venues. We were actually able to hear each other speak without having to yell over some loud music or other people's chatter. 

Service was great by Toronto's standard - they were perceptive to our needs and seated us in a great area with perfect light for photos and the waitress even complimented my camera a few times (which obviously won her a couple of extra points). Price is also typical for Toronto, ranging between $15 - $20 per plate. 

Before saying goodbye, we took an obligatory "shoe selfie" featuring La Société's widely Instagrammed floor art. Overall, I enjoyed my second visit at La Société and would definitely be coming back to fulfill my waffle-fix.